Recent Guest Testimonials

Take-me-to-umrah organizers showed a high degree of competence and professionalism in setting up the trip to the holy land. We lived in the best hotels possible at an affordable cost. The spiritual support and guidance was good. It is with no hesitation that I recommend a trip to the holy land with Take-me-to-umrah.

Alhamdulilah this year was the third year in a row that my parents went for Umrah with the TakeMeToUmrah group. For me, it was my second year in a row and my aunt and cousins joined us too. It was truly a rewarding experience and I would without a doubt recommend TakeMeToUmrah to all my friends and family. The group leader brother Inam does an excellent job of handling logistics so that you can focus entirely on your ibadat while on the trip. I also found that he genuinely cared about everyone’s well being. The daily lessons in the morning offered by Shaykh Mohammed Badat were inspiring and encouraged me to implement the lessons into my daily routine back home. The site seeing trips were informative and enjoyable as well. May Allah swt reward the TakeMeToUmrah group for all their efforts because they did so much for us. I pray that Allah calls us back to His home again, and next time I’d like to go with my brothers too inshaAllah.

The dedication of the group leader was exceptional maasha Allah. The daily spiritual gatherings were truly inspiring and just the right length of time, half and hour and right after breakfast, then people are free for the rest of the day to do their personal things. The gatherings also served as a tie to keep the whole group together as a family away from home. The different seminars were very beneficial as well.

Thank you Allah! Thank you Allah that you guided and directed for our first Umrah thru “Take me to Umrah Organization”. My son and I were extremely satisfied about the whole program. Logistically was well prepared and delivered professionally by brother Inam Ahmed. Shaykh Mohammed Badat who “Maasha-Allah” well covered all the Umrah process + Daily spiritual gatherings & Historical sites lesson. I will for sure highly recommend to all my family members and friends to join this organization in their future Umrah. I pray for both of you an excellent health and a continuous success in delivering this service. Jazakallahu Khayran, Brother Hassan

I would certainly recommend Take Me To Umrah to anyone.

“I found Take me to Umrah to be a one stop shop for everything anyone needs to fulfill their Umrah. They take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on a spiritual journey of a lifetime. The group leaders were very knowledgeable, made themselves available at all times and communicated pertinent information throughout the trip so we were up to date with plans. When plans changed or minor disruptions were inevitably encountered, they were quick to minimize any inconvenience. Having traveled with my elderly parents, it was evident the group leaders cared very much for their well-being which made the journey much more enjoyable. Overall, we were very satisfied with the package offered and services offered and would certainly recommend Take me to Umrah to our friends and family.” Fazal Lockhat – December 2015 Umrah Group

Jazakum Allahu Khayran, all your work was great overall and you made it easy for us to focus on our worship.