Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for your Umrah Journey (Visa, Baggage & General Questions)

Is the Umrah Visa included in your package price?

Yes, the Umrah Visa and all handling is included.

Is the Vaccination against Meningitis included in the package price?

No, the vaccination required for Umrah (Meningitis ACWY135) is not included in the package price.  You must purchase it from your local pharmacy and have a doctor inject it for you.  For a complete list of travel requirements and documents ~ click here.

How Much should I pack?

It is appropriate to pack for a short trip.  Also, ensure that your bags are not too heavy.

Where Can I buy my Ihram ?

Ihram cloth can be purchased from your local Islamic Book Store.  If you are unable to find it you may contact us.

(Airline & Ground Transportation)

Is the airline ticket included ?

Yes, the air ticket is included in our Group Umrah trips.

Do I have to make my own transportation arrangements while in Makkah and Madinah?

No, an AC group bus has been booked and will be provided for all travel from Jeddah airport – Makkah Ziarat – Madinah Ziarat  – Jeddah airport.

(Hotels, Performing Umrah, visiting Ziarat, Food)

Which hotels will we stay in Makkah and Madinah ?

Our hotels are good quality and at most 1-3 mins walk in Makkah and 1-3 mins walk in Madinah.

What if I don't know how to perform Umrah?

InshAllah the Imam will help the group by explaining the steps to performing Umrah.You may also read the Complete Online Guide to Performing Umrah ~ click here.

Will we perform Umrah as a group?

Yes, inshAllah we will perform the first and second Umrah as a group.

Will we visit any sites of importance?

Yes, inshAllah while in Makkah and Madinah, we will visit various places of interest (Zaiarat).

Can I deviate from the group and go my own way?

No, inshAllah we will stay together as a group.

When in Makkah & Madinah is there any additional expense?

The only expense to you during your stay will be your lunch and dinner. Breakfast is included at the hotels during your stay.
Personal shopping expense is different to each individual.

After Performing Umrah

Are side trips included in the package price ?

No, a side trip is considered outside of the Umrah package. Therefore, it will cost you additional.  You may contact us to get a Quote.

Can I visit another country after Umrah?

Yes, you may for visit another country after the Umrah for an additional cost.  Contact us for more details.

Can I visit any country before going for Umrah?

No, we must travel as a group to perform Umrah.
However, after the Umrah you may choose to visit any other country.

After Performing Umrah

Do I have to return directly to Toronto with the group?

No, if you have selected to visit another country after Umrah then you will return at a later date.

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