Assalamualeikum, I just got back from Umrah (alhamdullilah) with the May group.  I have to say this was beyond words for me and my family.  The experience was subhannallah cannot describe it.  I have to say going with Imam Omar and Brother Eman was just because of Qadara of Allah for us.  We had initially booked with another group but cancelled and I am so thankful that we did go with this group.  It was just not an experience of going with a group for Umrah but this was a  spiritual journey  family.  They treated each one of us with incredible care. May Allah reward all of you for just taking the time to do this.  My son cannot stop talking about this journey for him and all the new brothers he has.  Jazakkalah to all of you and brother Omar and Eman the patience, professionalism you showed even at times of difficulty was just magnificent.  As usual at times it is hard to please so many people but you guys met each of our expectations and because of your insight  we now feel the urgency of going for Hajj with the same group inshallah.

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