My recent umrah experience with TakeMeToUmrah is the best experience I have ever had. I have been to hajj twice before with different groups but have never had a similar experience. The two Sheikhs who accompanied us, were very knowledgeable and constantly available for questions or to provide any other help. During our stay, when my father was unwell, both Sheikhs accompanied us to the local clinic. When my father needed to go to the hospital, the Sheikh took us there and stayed with us until my father was told that he was well enough to return home. My family and I greatly benefited from Muhammad Badaat’s spiritual/educational talks and looked forward to the history lessons provided by Sheikh Omar Subedar during the site seeing trips. We had two guided umrahs during our stay where we were taught step by step how to perform our umrah correctly.  The trip was well organized allowing us to take maximum benefit from our time. I would highly recommend TakeMeToUmrah to anyone who is looking to visit the Holy Lands.  Insha Allah, I plan to return soon with my family for another umrah trip with Take Me to Umrah.

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