I would absolutely recommend to all my friends and family to go with any groups that brothers Inam and Sheikh Omar are taking to the Holy land for Umrah or Hajj. My family and I were extremely satisfied with the whole Umrah program; from the booking process, the meeting/preparation before the departure, the activities / information that were provided to us while at Madina and Mecca to the support that all of us received from the TakeMeToUmrah group.

Overall everything was excellent but if my family and I had to pick ONE thing we enjoyed the most, a part being at Madina especially at Rawda and the Haram, it was the knowledge that Sheikh Omar conveyed to us. I mean mashallah the Sheikh knows rock by rock, corner by corner the Holy lands. Also, we had Imam Mohamed Badat who was giving us every morning the spiritual lecture which was preparing us for the trips. May Allah accept their dua’s, shower them with Barakah and increase them with more Khair.

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