My overall experience with was good alhamdulillah. The shuyookh taught us a lot of spiritual and inspirational lessons from the Quran and the Sunnah, may Allah bless them and their family. I cannot put what I had experienced in words as it was an amazing journey full of knowledge and imaan and we visited lots of historical sites throughout the seerah of the prophet (s) . To experience and be where the prophet and his companions spent their lives, lived through struggles, propagated the religion, to actually be there is an amazing feeling and a blessing from Allah the Most Merciful. I just want to make a du’aa for everyone who took part and who served us in this journey, may Allah keep us steadfast in His deen, increase us in knowledge, may Allah increase our imaan and keep us consistent in worshipping Him after coming back to Canada, may Allah elevate our ranks and make us among those who will be with the prophet (s) and his companions in janatul Firdaus, may Allah bless the shuyookh Muhammad and Omar, their family and the organiser who served us in this trip, may Allah reward us the pilgrims and the administrators greatly. I ask Allah to give me and the group the opportunity to perform Hajj and Umrah again and again in the future with, amin, in sha Allah. jazakumullahu khairan, wa salamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu.

Marwan Mohamed
May Umrah Group

I would absolutely recommend to all my friends and family to go with any groups that brothers Inam and Sheikh Omar are taking to the Holy land for Umrah or Hajj. My family and I were extremely satisfied with the whole Umrah program; from the booking process, the meeting/preparation before the departure, the activities / information that were provided to us while at Madina and Mecca to the support that all of us received from the TakeMeToUmrah group.

Overall everything was excellent but if my family and I had to pick ONE thing we enjoyed the most, a part being at Madina especially at Rawda and the Haram, it was the knowledge that Sheikh Omar conveyed to us. I mean mashallah the Sheikh knows rock by rock, corner by corner the Holy lands. Also, we had Imam Mohamed Badat who was giving us every morning the spiritual lecture which was preparing us for the trips. May Allah accept their dua’s, shower them with Barakah and increase them with more Khair.

Abdallah Maxamud & Family
May Group Umrah 2013

My husband and I, we both enjoyed the trip with the group very much.  The daily lessons in the morning by Imam Badat was the highlight of the trip for me, it was very motivating and encouraging to get through the day remembering the morning lesson which was simple and very rewarding to follow  Alhumdollilah.  The history lessons were also good as it gave meaning to the sights shown so Yes, I would recommend TakeMeToUmrah to anyone I know.  It was definitely a “Journey of a Lifetime” and InshaAllah we would like to take our kids with us next time. Jazak Allah.

Sofia Latif
May Group Umrah 2013

My recent umrah experience with TakeMeToUmrah is the best experience I have ever had. I have been to hajj twice before with different groups but have never had a similar experience. The two Sheikhs who accompanied us, were very knowledgeable and constantly available for questions or to provide any other help. During our stay, when my father was unwell, both Sheikhs accompanied us to the local clinic. When my father needed to go to the hospital, the Sheikh took us there and stayed with us until my father was told that he was well enough to return home. My family and I greatly benefited from Muhammad Badaat’s spiritual/educational talks and looked forward to the history lessons provided by Sheikh Omar Subedar during the site seeing trips. We had two guided umrahs during our stay where we were taught step by step how to perform our umrah correctly.  The trip was well organized allowing us to take maximum benefit from our time. I would highly recommend TakeMeToUmrah to anyone who is looking to visit the Holy Lands.  Insha Allah, I plan to return soon with my family for another umrah trip with Take Me to Umrah.

Shaista Zareef & Family (Ottawa)
May Group Umrah 2013

Assalamualikum, We just want to say JazzakAllah for a great experience. It was well organized and it all went smoothly. We can’t complain about anything. Everyone was so helpful. The group leader Inam and Imam Yusuf were really great. We are great full to them.  We would definitely recommend others to you. Thanks again.

Mr. & Mrs. Zahir Syed, Toronto
March Break Umrah 2014

Our trip was well organized and we received a dedicated service. Departing from Canada till arriving to Canada everything was on time. We had great experiences about many historical sites and Islamic knowledge. Alhumdulliah, according to the schedule we were able to do everything on time. We gained a lot of knowledge that if we didn’t go to this trip, we wouldn’t have. If Allah give was tawfiq, we will go for Umrah again with this organization, Insallah.

Raisul and Family
May Umrah Group 2014

Great trip, great Umrah, and great hotels. You won’t be disappointed inshallah.

Abdirahman, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2014

Wish there were words to describe the “Take me to Umrah” experience.A perfect blend of security, comfort and intellectual company to assist at every step. Privileged and honoured to be beckoned by Almighty to the Holiest of site, guided by Scholars to correctly perform the required. Keenly, look forward to repeating in 2015 inshallah.

Mr. & Mrs. Natiq, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2014

This trip was very well organized considering the amount of people and the country we were in. Lots of tourism, information was provided as per the timetable. Very well done 10 out of 10. Congratulations

Sheikh Subhani, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2014

This has been an excellent umrah trip along with my husband and other members of our family. It has been a great learning experience thanks to take me to umrah leaders who made this trip one to remember. Jazakallah khair for take me to umrah who made our umrah a great success. My family and I and are definitely coming back with this organization for the future.

Sister Jamila, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2014

I am fully satisfied with your and Imam’s excellent services in the completion of Umrah. You were the perfect administrator and Imam has shared excellent religious knowledge in his seminars. I will surely recommend to my family members and friends to join you in future Umrah/Haj.
I pray for good health of both of you and success in delivering this service. 
Allah Hafiz

Akmal H. Siddiqi, CGA
May Umrah Group 2014

As it was I and my sons first time going to the holy lands of Makkah and Madinah, we could not have asked for a better organized trip. Everything was taken care of, such as:

*the documentation required from the website
*follow-up email reminders on documentation deadlines
*prompt email/voice responses to our inquiries
*excellent pre-trip seminar with a step-by-step daily expectation via PowerPoint presentation
*Very useful/easy-to-follow daily booklet of what-to-do for the Umrah/Ziyaraah and each given day within Makkah and Madinah. Also, it includes a daily routine of what to do during/after the trip
*Excellent Islamic seminars/guided tours to historical sites by Imam Badat, each and every day
*Excellent logistical locations of our hotels to the Haram Shareef and Masjid Nabawi
*Excellent buffet breakfasts

This trip has made my family appreciate our Deen even more, now that we have a personal connection to the Haraam Shareef and Masjid Nabwi. I would recommend to anyone since we were highly impressed by their professional/respectful services towards ourselves and the entire group. May Allah except all their efforts for making our first experience to the holy cities such a memorable experience.

Amer Khan, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2014

Excellent tour group! Very well organized, delivered on everything that was promised and more! Everything was so well managed, that the guests were stress free and able to concentrate on their worship and not worry about logistics.

I would recommend everyone to go with Insha’Allah, I’d certainly go again with them.

Arif Khan, Markham
May Umrah Group 2014

I would like to thank you and Shaykh Yusuf for making my first umrah a memorable experience and for everything you did for us during this important journey, may Allah (swt) reward you. I also wanted to commend you on being very organized and always making sure the group stays together. I would recommend you to family and friends insha Allah.

Sister Farah & family
May Umrah Group 2012

The first phrase that comes to mind when describing the amazing service at Take Me to Umrah is Mashaa Allaah. The staff is courteous, professional, and caring. Any concerns we had were dealt with in a timely and prompt manner. The hotel and car arrangements were excellent. The pricing was excellent. My family and I, inshaa Allaah, will only travel with this company from now on. I cannot more highly recommended this company and Allaah is aware of all things.

Sister Hodan B, Ottawa
May Umrah Group 2013

Alhamdolillah. Overall it was a positive experience for me and I will recommend you to my friends and family as you were organized and managed us well. 

Brother Aziz
March Break Umrah Group

Assalom-o-Allequm:  It was really nice and an honour to go on an umra trip with highly qualified and well respected Imam like you. We hope and pray to Allah swt. that He will take us to these sacred places again and again InshaAllah.
JazakAllah Khairan

Akhtar Khan & Family
March Break & May Umrah Groups

Assalamualeikum, I just got back from Umrah (alhamdullilah) with the May group.  I have to say this was beyond words for me and my family.  The experience was subhannallah cannot describe it.  I have to say going with Imam Omar and Brother Eman was just because of Qadara of Allah for us.  We had initially booked with another group but cancelled and I am so thankful that we did go with this group.  It was just not an experience of going with a group for Umrah but this was a  spiritual journey  family.  They treated each one of us with incredible care. May Allah reward all of you for just taking the time to do this.  My son cannot stop talking about this journey for him and all the new brothers he has.  Jazakkalah to all of you and brother Omar and Eman the patience, professionalism you showed even at times of difficulty was just magnificent.  As usual at times it is hard to please so many people but you guys met each of our expectations and because of your insight  we now feel the urgency of going for Hajj with the same group inshallah.

UmBilal, Canada
March Break Umrah Group

First and foremost I would like to thank Take Me To Umrah for organizing the most amazing umrah trip myself and my family enjoyed! May Allah SWT reward you and the people involved! Ameen. 

Sister in Islam, Scarborough
March Break Umrah Group

“This was alhamduLILLAH one of the most exhilarating trips I have ever had. It was unique in providing basic Islamic knowledge, history, spiritual development associated with the holy cities.” 

Junaid Mehta,  Brampton, Canada
March Break Umrah Group