Umrah Visa Requirements & Documents

Documents Checklist

  • Please Review each item below & Produce each required document.
  • All documents submitted should be in English or Arabic.  If you have documents in other languages please have them translated and certified before submitting.
  • Children travelling with one parent only or ladies travelling without their Mehram must provide a Notarized Letter giving permission to Travel.  Please contact us for a template.
  • Sisters age 45+ can travel with the group
  • Please provide us your documents package by the due date as suggested by our office for each trip. JazakAllah.
  • If you have any questions about the required documents please contact us.

Translation Services, Notary Public and Vaccination Clinics

** is not affiliated with any of the following services.  These are simply provided for our guests to have their documents translated, notarized etc.

Translation Services

  1. Qamar Yasmeen Tyyebi, RCIC, ATIO certified translator
  2. Khalid A. Naseer, CCIC

Notary Services

  1. Khalid A. Naseer, CCIC, Mississauga
  2. Bytowne notary

Travel Clinics – Umrah Vaccination

  1. Dr. Ibrahim, Toronto GTA
  2. Faisal M. (Pharmacist) Toronto GTA

Applying for Birth / Marriage Certificate online in Ontario:

New Rule for Umrah Visa Application 1438 AH / 2017

Please note: As per new instructions received from the Saudi Consulate, please be informed that all proof of relationship documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates etc) need to be Notarized and then legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ottawa.
This new requirement is applicable with immediate effect. The Saudi Consulate will return all visa applications without processing if the proof of relationship documents are not stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ottawa.  The Ministry will only stamp documents in English.

Please have this completed before submitting your documents or contact our office for assistance with legalization of documents in Ottawa.

Sisters over 45+ do not need to legalize any documents.

How to Notarize your Documents

All original documents ( marriage certificates, Birth certificates etc.) need to certified ​as a ​true copy of an original document​ (also known as ​a notarized copy​)​​.  The ​Notary Public​/Lawyer​ will make a photocopy of your original document ​and certify the photocopy as​ being a true copy of the original by ​​affixing a signature, seal and statement to that effect ​​on the copy itself.​

It is also important to have the notary’s office contact information or Personal contact information stamp near the seal.​

T​his is the only format ​acceptable to both the Saudi consulate and the Ministry of Foreign affairs.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Sample Notarized Document with Seal
click to view larger image



Type of Documents required - Please provide as indicated (Original or copy)


The passport must be valid for at least 6 months with 3 or 4 blank pages for each traveler from the date of Travel.
Provide the orignal passport. 

Permanent Residents:  
1- Stamped from the agents that it is a copy of the original.
2- Stamped the copy from a notary mentioned that it is a true copy of the original
3- After that stamp it from Canadian Foreign affairs, Ottawa.
Please provide the attested copy from the notary which is also stamped by the Foreign Affairs, Ottawa 


2 Saudi Visa size photographs for each traveler (ladies preferably in Hijab). 
Pictures should be standard Saudi visa or Canadian Passport size with white background. 

Provide original. Please write the name on the back of each picture.


Immunization Record
Everyone more than 2 years needs to be vaccinated against Meningitis.
A stamped Immunization Card showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine) for adults. 
Meningitis and POLIO record for children under 15 years old. Two doses of (A) vaccine (1 to 2 months between each dose for children ages 3-24 months). 
Anyone over the age of 2 requires this immunization.  
The halal strain of the Meningitis strain is known as Menveo. Please ask your doctor. 

The Immunization Record Must include:

  • The Doctor must write the code ACYW135 on the vaccination card.
  • The Doctor must sign near where the code is written. 
  • A rubber stamp from the doctors office must be present on the vaccination card.

Provide Photocopy only.  Keep original for your records.
Recommended Travel Clinic for Required Meningitis Vaccine around Toronto GTA.


Umrah Visa Application
Fully completed and signed Saudi visa application form
Application Form: Please click here to download the Umrah Visa Application Form

How do I complete the Visa Application form: Please PRINT, complete and Sign. 
1 - Print the application 
2 - Complete the application. Write with your hand in capitals letters using a black pen.  
3 - Sign the application at the bottom of the application.

Provide Photocopy only. Keep original for your records.
What do I do with the Visa Application: Once completed please scan and email to us at or provide a photocopy with your documents.


Proof of Relationship
Ladies and children need proper proof of relationship (marriage certificate for married couples, long birth certificates for children indicating names of both parents).
  • The Marriage certificate (provide photocopy):
    - Must be in Arabic, English, French
    - Must be certified as a true copy of the orignal by a notary public or Lawyer ( with orignal Seal / Stamp )
  • Single sisters over age 45 travelling with the group must have permission from their Mehram to travel. 
    - This permission letter must be notrazied by a notary public or Lawyer.
    - All notarized documents must be provided as original with the Lawyers stamp and seal stating that the document is a TRUE COPY OF THE ORIGNAL.
    - Please contact our office to obtain a template of the Mehram permission letter at

Marriage Certificate & Birth Certificate please provide Certified Notrary Photocopy only. Keep original for your records.


Non-Canadian Applicants
Non-Canadian applicants must submit a clear photocopy for both side of the Permanent Residence card.
Provide Photocopy only. Keep original for your records.


Applicants with Non-Muslim Names
Pilgrims who have non-Muslim names must have a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam.
Provide Photocopy only. Keep original for your records.